First, I recommend that you never leave your assets directly on any exchange. They are the most likely place to be targeted for attacks, and the riskiest place to store your coins. You can download an official wallet here:

If you use a PC download the pc wallet, this is by far the best of all wallets currently offered.  Then, run the “AntSharesUI.exe”, in the bottom left corner you will see the sync progress.

Now you have to create a wallet:

  • Click “Wallet” -> click “New wallet database”
  • Then, choose a name and location for your wallet file and add a password

You just created your wallet database. The wallet database holds your address to store your Antshares / Neo assets.

In the main screen of the application under the account tab you should now see an address individualized to your wallet. This is the address to where you can send your Antshares / NEO.

In order to see your coins come into your wallet, your wallet needs to be completely synced. (both numbers need to be equal, bottom left of your wallet). This takes some time to fully sync, I recommend leaving it on overnight. If you accidentally send the coins prior to the sync process completing this is ok, your coins will arrive in the wallet once the process finishes.

Sometimes it happens that the sync process stops will freeze. Meaning the numbers are no longer going up, if this is the case, simply restart your wallet application and it should fix the issue. If this is still taking a while and not fixing the issue right away, you can still get some rest knowing you have your coins by copying and pasting your receiving address from your wallet into this website to check your balance:

Now, It is best to backup your wallet for optimal security:

  • Right click the address you have and click “View Private Key”
  • Write down your Address, Public Key, Private Key and store in a very safe place