Jayson Stark

– “Other clubs say aggressively trying to include Starlin Castro in any deal. It was interesting that Addison Russell played SS yesterday”

They certainly seem to want to move Castro, but it will be hard to get value for him since he has been struggling as of late. Castro will be better to hold onto until the value is back.


Phil Rodgers

– ” Interesting twist to Cubs-Padres talk. SD could include 2B Jedd Gyorko while Cubs include SS Starlin Castro. Makes $$$ neutral.”

This is interesting but Gyorko is older and has less upside, so in order for a deal to make sense the cubs have to get back a starter as well. I could see a package of Castro and a few prospects for Gyorko and Ross coming into play.

Although Maddon has told Castro he would not be traded, his agent is telling Castro otherwise.

The Cubs have shown interest in Gallardo as of recent, and he would not cost much as far as prospect currency. But, is Gallardo worth picking up? Will he be an upgrade?…

– Price has officially been traded.

Blue Jays acquire Price, Cardinals acquire Brandon Moss,

All while the Cubs DFA’d Mike Baxter.