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Exchanges Currently Carrying NEO / Antshares:

  • In the United States you can purchase Antshares / NEO on
  • In Australia you can purchase Antshares / Neo on
  • In China you can purchase Antshares / Neo on Yubi, Jubi, Yuanbao, Yobtc, 51szzc, and 19800.

The only exchanges you can purchase ANC / Gas on are 19800 and Yobtc

Discussion video:

With only Bittrex currently offering NEO / Antshares in the United States, the volume is being severely limited due to lack of buying options. With more exchanges, comes a higher feasibility of purchasing, which ultimately will result in more NEO / Antshares purchases and increase the price overall.

Antshares / NEO is rapidly drawing more interest of common exchange platforms in the United States, and will soon be added to Binance on the 15th of July. There are also other platforms exploring the idea of adding Antshares / NEO, and when they do it is logical that the price goes up with more people having the ability to invest. This is why in my opinion we have stagnated at a price around $8.00, once more buying options are available the price should have a significant jump in value.

One thing to also consider is that Binance is adding Antshares / NEO on the same day as the NEO / Antshares conference. Couple these two facts together, and there is a lot to look forward to as an investor. With such excitement coming in the next 8 days, we can expect to see a price increase up until the 15th of July.