July 15th NEO Agenda as Follows:

  • 30-14: 00 check in
  • 14: 00-14: 40 “NEO: Digital Chain and Application Platform for Block Chain” NEO Community Developer Chen Zhitong
  • 14: 40-15: 10 “block chain application: public project ark platform design” Chengtai technology ark project leader Wu Kunchao Liu Jiaxi
  • 15: 10-15: 20 a coffee break
  • 15: 20-15: 50 “NEO JAVA compiler and intelligent contract preparation example” NEO core developer Li Jianying
  • 15: 50-16: 20 announcement
  • 16: 20-16: 50 “banana block chain mutual aid intelligent contract development” NEO eco-entrepreneur Daydream open session
  • 16: 50-17: 10 Q & A
  • 17: 10-17: 00 lottery session

China’s second-biggest ecommerce option after Alibaba is Jcloud,’s cloud services brand. So we can see from the agenda that there is a potential partnership with another major eccommerce player, which is potentially huge news that will likely drive the price higher.

We saw a massive price increase prior to the first conference for Antshares, and a similar run can be expected this time around as well. I predict a large price increase for the newly rebranded NEO coming up to July 15th, at which point the price will fall slightly due to a lack of earth-shattering news. The time to add more NEO is now, as the price is low compared to what the conference will push the price to be. I am predicting somewhere around $15 by the 15th, which will be sparked by enthusiastic investors looking forward to the potential of another conference.