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Post Conference Neo – Antshares – Antcoins July 24th Rebrand: New Website / Wallet

Right now we are stuck in this awkward stage where we see both NEO and Antshares, by July 24th this should be ancient history, as the re-brand is going to be complete.

Antshares will finish being re-branded by July 24th, and with that there comes a brand new stylish website! Watch this video to see the new website design and so much more!


Antshares / NEO Compared to Ethereum

Below are the price charts for Antshares and Ethereum on The Ethereum chart is from September 2015 – May 2016. Taking a quick look at the charts there are some striking similarities.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 9.02.23 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-07-06 at 9.04.18 PM.png

First and foremost, both coins had very quick rises in prices that lasted for about a month. The rise in price was due to immense speculation for both coins, and with that said, both prices grew to high to quickly. Resulting in the market then correcting for each coin. Oddly enough, both coins peaked at about $14-$15 during their initial price increase and then fell. They both fell to a price range between $5-$7.

Ethereum stagnated in a price range between $7-$15 for nearly a year before its historic rise. It never fell to far and never rose to high, and this was because the technology behind the coin was solid, but there were limited people using it and talking about it. With that said, once legitimate news began to come out regarding Ethereum the price skyrocketed. (For example the Ethereum Alliance being created)

Antshares / NEO is in an eerily similar position, as it has solid technology behind the coin that will keep the price stable. We can see the stability in the graph above, as Antshares / NEO has been able to stabilize at a price point close to $8. In the long run, as legitimate news becomes released regarding NEO / Antshares, there could very well be a similar jump in price similar to the one we are all familiar with that happened with Ethereum. The first legitimate news to increase the price may very well come on July 15th during the conference.

For more discussion on this topic: 

How to Purchase NEO / Antshares, GAS / ANC – More Exchanges in the Horizon

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 9.43.57 PM

Exchanges Currently Carrying NEO / Antshares:

  • In the United States you can purchase Antshares / NEO on
  • In Australia you can purchase Antshares / Neo on
  • In China you can purchase Antshares / Neo on Yubi, Jubi, Yuanbao, Yobtc, 51szzc, and 19800.

The only exchanges you can purchase ANC / Gas on are 19800 and Yobtc

Discussion video:

With only Bittrex currently offering NEO / Antshares in the United States, the volume is being severely limited due to lack of buying options. With more exchanges, comes a higher feasibility of purchasing, which ultimately will result in more NEO / Antshares purchases and increase the price overall.

Antshares / NEO is rapidly drawing more interest of common exchange platforms in the United States, and will soon be added to Binance on the 15th of July. There are also other platforms exploring the idea of adding Antshares / NEO, and when they do it is logical that the price goes up with more people having the ability to invest. This is why in my opinion we have stagnated at a price around $8.00, once more buying options are available the price should have a significant jump in value.

One thing to also consider is that Binance is adding Antshares / NEO on the same day as the NEO / Antshares conference. Couple these two facts together, and there is a lot to look forward to as an investor. With such excitement coming in the next 8 days, we can expect to see a price increase up until the 15th of July.

Antshares / NEO Wallet Information

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 2.20.09 AM

First, I recommend that you never leave your assets directly on any exchange. They are the most likely place to be targeted for attacks, and the riskiest place to store your coins. You can download an official wallet here:

If you use a PC download the pc wallet, this is by far the best of all wallets currently offered.  Then, run the “AntSharesUI.exe”, in the bottom left corner you will see the sync progress.

Now you have to create a wallet:

  • Click “Wallet” then click “New wallet database”
  • Then, choose a name and location for your wallet file and add a password

You just created your wallet. The wallet holds your address to store your Antshares / Neo assets.

In the main screen of the application under the account tab you should now see an address individualized to your wallet. This is the address to where you can send your Antshares / NEO.

In order to see your coins come into your wallet, your wallet needs to be completely synced. (both numbers need to be equal, bottom left of your wallet). This takes some time to fully sync, I recommend leaving it on overnight. If you accidentally send the coins prior to the sync process completing this is ok, your coins will arrive in the wallet once the process finishes.

Sometimes it happens that the sync process stops and will freeze. Meaning the numbers are no longer going up, if this is the case, simply restart your wallet application and it should fix the issue.

Now, It is best to backup your wallet for optimal security:

  • Right click the address you have and click “View Private Key”
  • Write down your Address, Public Key, Private Key and store them in a very safe place

Gas / Antcoins (ANC) Information

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 1.42.38 AM

You need to transfer your Antshares (ANS) / NEO over to one of the wallets in order to receive GAS / ANC. Leaving Antshares (ANS) / NEO on the exchange will result in you not receiving any ANC / GAS.

Make sure you use a wallet from the official Antshares / NEO website, as other wallets may not be safe. If you are on a Mac, I recommend using the Web wallet. This version will not show any accumulation of ANC / Gas, this is due to the lack of a feature to claim them. With that said, they are still being generated to your private key, and the ability to claim them will soon be added.

If you are withdrawing your coins from Bittrex, make sure to send the the amount of coins plus .35 to cover the transaction fee.  For example: If you send 27 Antshares / NEO to the wallet you will only receive 26 and lose an entire coin. You can not receive decimal amounts of Antshares/ NEO. That being said, instead send 26.35 coins to your wallet. You will receive 26 in your wallet and save the .65 leftover on the exchange.

ANC / Gas is distributed among AntShare / NEO holders according to their relative amount of shares they hold. If you own 1,000 Antshares / NEO, you will receive close to .5 ANC / Gas per day.

Here is a wonderful calculator that has been created to know exactly how much ANC / Gas the amount of Antshares / NEO you own will generate per day:


NEO / Antshares Conference Agenda : Potential Price Increase


July 15th NEO Agenda as Follows:

  • 30-14: 00 check in
  • 14: 00-14: 40 “NEO: Digital Chain and Application Platform for Block Chain” NEO Community Developer Chen Zhitong
  • 14: 40-15: 10 “block chain application: public project ark platform design” Chengtai technology ark project leader Wu Kunchao Liu Jiaxi
  • 15: 10-15: 20 a coffee break
  • 15: 20-15: 50 “NEO JAVA compiler and intelligent contract preparation example” NEO core developer Li Jianying
  • 15: 50-16: 20 announcement
  • 16: 20-16: 50 “banana block chain mutual aid intelligent contract development” NEO eco-entrepreneur Daydream open session
  • 16: 50-17: 10 Q & A
  • 17: 10-17: 00 lottery session

China’s second-biggest ecommerce option after Alibaba is Jcloud,’s cloud services brand. So we can see from the agenda that there is a potential partnership with another major eccommerce player, which is potentially huge news that will likely drive the price higher.

We saw a massive price increase prior to the first conference for Antshares, and a similar run can be expected this time around as well. I predict a large price increase for the newly rebranded NEO coming up to July 15th, at which point the price will fall slightly due to a lack of earth-shattering news. The time to add more NEO is now, as the price is low compared to what the conference will push the price to be. I am predicting somewhere around $15 by the 15th, which will be sparked by enthusiastic investors looking forward to the potential of another conference.

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